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The Full Story


PEAK NW is a Health and Wellbeing provider of fitness classes, coaching and chronic condition management education.  We work to support you and your community in a quest to decrease risk factors of chronic disease and increase longevity, strength and stamina. We have found that, most often, a path to sustainable behavior change begins with doing something that provides some sort of enjoyment factor to you!  We believe, that when you entertain physical activity you enjoy-as the first step to behavior change-your openness to learn more about yourself and your needs organically grows.  Why? Physical activity promotes increases in feel good hormones, cerebral blood flow, quality sleep, cardiovascular stamina and muscular strength (to name a few!).  When we feel better, we are more confident and feel more capable to dive deeper into lifestyle changes.  Let us help you gain momentum toward better health and wellbeing--explore our menu of opportunities!

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